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SMS Advertising

Because every character counts. With our SMS tool, API & SMPP, Victory Link helps you reach the right people at the right time. Together, we help you define, design, create, and launch a successful SMS campaign with a 99% delivery rate as we are the only VAS Provider that is directly connected on the 3 telecom players in Egypt and other international telecom companies.

And we don’t just mean serving people ads they don’t want to see on their phone screens. We can target them through their monthly mobile bill, their home cell, and also their handset type.

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Ring Back Tones (RBT)

The one time we’re all ears is when we’re waiting for someone to pick up the phone. That’s where RBT comes in. With over 3 billion mobile phones in use worldwide, RBT represents one of the most compelling and scalable new media platforms in recent history

In collaboration with top regional operators in Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, UAE and Algeria, Victory Link is one of the leading content providers in the region. Keep your audience entertained with our RBT service.

Direct Carrier Billing and Mobile Payment

At Victory Link, we provide the most merchant/user- friendly payment provider solution to our clients. We enable making micro payments using your phone with just one click

It’s easy, integratable, and trackable which makes it the preferred payment method by users in and outside of Egypt.

Premium SMS

Urge consumers to make payments through their mobile phone (whether donations or competition entriest) without the hassle and security risks of online payment. Our premium SMS service is a simple and convenient way to collect money without the user having to give out personal information.


Can’t attend to your customers’ routine inquiries? Help your customers help themselves with IVR and give them the BIG company feel.

Offering premium 24/7 customer support in more than one language, our IVR service enables you to function customer servicing after office hours, thereby bringing in an enterprise level standards of business communication.

Monthly Subscription Services

Enjoy a world of entertainment anywhere, anytime. With a small monthly fee, users can subscribe to whatever content they want.

Whether it’s religious prayers, music, news, or sports, we provide your clients a plethora of catchy content to keep them alert and loyal.

Location Based Advertising

You know your customers, we know where they are, we’ve combined location technology, market knowledge, and consumer behavior, in collaboration with mobile operators, to pinpoint customer location and deliver personalized messages to your target audience wherever they are.

In-browser advertising

Reach out to your target consumer by advertising your brand online and connecting your brand with your growing online market. There’s a fine line between advertising and downright annoying and we know better than not to cross that.

Our in-browser pop up mobile ads put your customers in action. Whether it’s to redeem an offer, to learn more, or redirect to your website or landing page, our Call-To-Action clickable banners are persuasive to every reader out there.


USSD is the ultimate low-cost, high reach communication tool. In today’s tech savvy world, we simplify mobile tools to help you reach your target audience, globally.

No mobile internet is needed, supported on all phone types, and real time reporting are just a few of the benefits that are associated with USSD. Serve your customers at any time of the day without having to hire a customer service rep.


Value added services

SMS Advertising

Ring Back Tones(RBT)

Direct Carrier Billing

Monthly Subscription

Bringing Value To The Surface

The leading VAS Provider in Egypt assisting communication and digital service providers deliver creative and innovative services Our solutions seamlessly integrate enterprise IT and wireless environment, enabling all players in the value chain to deploy value added services quickly and cost effectively

VL VAS is a network of wireless information & entertainment providers supplying premium content in diverse categories .focusing on SMS, IVR, Direct Operator Billing as well as other solutions offered in the region

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