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Digital payment solutions

As the online world expands and businesses are growing online at an exponential rate, Victory Link helps you get global. We offer you an unparalleled digital commerce platform that helps you sell online with minimal risk. Our personalised checkout experience maximizes conversions by adapting to local languages, currencies and payment methods.

Enterprise applications

Does your business have several systems and applications that aren’t interconnected? Do you often find yourself lost in data, reports, and endless figures? We have the solution for you. Our enterprise applications collect all of these together in one place to ensure conformity and efficiency so that you can operate in the most economical and effective manner.

The many benefits of EAI include having one user interface for all your enterprise systems and apps therefore not needing to train employees to use different UIs for each software or app. Also, EAI ensures vendor independence where business policies and rules are unified across all system on the EAI. Data integration, sharing, high security, and synchronisation are just some of the many benefits of EAI.

Mobile Applications

Think of us as application fairies. We love taking dreams and turning them into actual apps. We basically eat, sleep, and breathe apps. Together with our clients, we formulate evergreen ideas that ensure lasting excitement and value to both our clients and theirs.

80%+ of apps are deleted within one day of installation, make sure yours isn’t one of them. Victory Link builds apps for any size company and across any platform.

Desktop applications

Our range of desktop applications is the most comprehensive of integrated, global business applications that enables you to make better decisions, cut down costs, and increase performance.

But why us? Because we listen to our customer’s needs. We help customers manage the complexities of running a business regardless of their organization size. Whether it’s application suites, enterprise infrastructure software, or educational software, we provide you with an app that suits your business needs.

Social media applications

Victory Link provides you with all the necessary tools to help you stay on top of your social media tasks and efficiently manage all your networks to help you grow your brand online. Save, schedule, and analyse all your social media activity using our brilliant social media apps.


Every website we create is a reflection of us and that’s why we make sure Victory Link websites are ultra creative, personalized, and unique in every possible way.

A creatively designed website with innovative styling will do more than just speak for your brand, it will portray the right corporate image and grab customers’ attention so that they too, can be part of your business


Interconnected & Secured Systems

Digital payment Solutions

Enterprise Applications

Mobile applications

Desktop Applications

what we do

Whether you’re looking to start a business, expand an existing one, create a unique user experience, or simply following a life-long dream, we got you covered. We know you have 500 app developers/ agencies to pick from but here’s why you should pick us.

We like to do business with transparency we involve you in the design process, we’ll walk you through the implementation stage, and the only “surprises” you’ll see are good ones. Our team of “no problem” creatives don’t put limits on creativity and implementation. We know everything you can possibly dream of can be done and we work hard to achieve that.

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