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Interactive Sales Kit

Think of your sales kit as your “5-minute pitch”. Our Interactive Sales Kit is a key player in marketing your business to potential clients, leads, and industry people with ease and distinction.

Featuring touch screens, digital brochures, easy integration with websites and other CRMs, and easy site exploration, our Interactive Sales Kit is everything you need to bring your project to life.

Go Maquette

With Go Maquette, we offer you new presentational capabilities. Our interactive 3D maquette opens up considerable presentational opportunities with the touch of a button.

Give your clients a unique experience, take screenshots, print views, update your master plan with an interactive pen, and see a detailed overview of your project with Go Maquette.


Every website we create is a reflection of us and that’s why we make sure Victory Link websites are ultra creative, personalized, and unique in every possible way.

A creatively designed website with innovative styling will do more than just speak for your brand, it will portray the right corporate image and grab customers’ attention so that they too, can be part of your business.


We help businesses optimize their performance via using mobile applications that do the job for them while they keep busy managing the big stuff. We know it’s hard to develop solutions that boost operational efficacy of companies and that’s why we’re here to offer you 1000 helping hands. Mobile applications that are specifically designed to increase productivity around the clock is our mission.

Increase your business efficiency (let it be pharmaceutical, industrial, CRM, or even interior design), cut down cycle time, and cut down on resources, with our creative and proficient mobile application tools.


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Interactive sales kits

Digital maquette



What we do

We offer commercial companies specialized solutions that help showcase projects in the most dynamic and appealing way.Through our experience, market knowledge, and creativity we continue to create solutions that meet tougher and more complex business demands.

From sales presentations to 3D modeling to digital visualization, CRMs, Back Office Solutions and real-time design, Victory Link is your one stop shop for marketing solutions.

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